Don´t stress out.

I am that kind of person who thinks to much from time to time and starts worrying about silly little things. When I talked to my friends about it we came up with the conclution that "over-thinking" is a "girls-problem". Now I don´t know if it is only a girls problem or if guys do it too, but I am pretty sure most girls can relate to it. But why, why do we worry so much about little things which are so unimportant if you see the whole? Nothing is ever gonna be perfect that is just life, but if we do the best we can we don´t have to worry about perfect. We shouldn´t aim to be perfect because we are not made to be perfect. We are human.

Since I moved to London I realized I am stressing myself out about little things because I want to make it good like almost perfect. I know that it doesn´t have to be like that, but I want to do a good job . I start thinking to much about what could go wrong and stress out.
So this weekend I went into Kikki.K at some point and saw all those beautiful notebooks and diaries with inspiring quotes. I said to myself, they are right, just do the best you can and it is gonna be alright. It is definitely easier said then done, but it is so true. Sometimes things happen and you can´t change it. Then it is important to get back up again, learn from it and remind yourself, there is no such thing as perfection in everything.


First days in London

It´s been a while since the last post and I arrived days ago here we go..
I decided to open up this new category for my London adventures. Yes, I moved to London and so far I am loving it. Like the days right before a big trip the first days in a new country are busy too. Everything is super exciting, new people, foreign language, different food... the list goes on and on. You know what I mean.

After a 3 hours delay I finally arrived at my "new home" for the next few months. The family I am staying with is super lovely,you feel very welcome. The first days were all about getting to know each other and working out where things are. I am slowly getting the hang of it,but it is just been a little over a week, so I try not to be to hard on myself if things don't exactly  work out the way I want to. It is ok I will learn it like driving on the left side of the road which is bizarre for me coming from the continent.

On the weekend I ,of course, went into London to enjoy the city life, try some of the "different " food and take a stroll down Oxford Street.
Cheers to loads of shopping trips to come!!

I hope you are all having an awesome week so far. Enjoy it.


Get ready ´ cause here I come

If you love travelling as much as I do, you may know how nerve-racking the days right before a big trip can be. I am talking about this nervous excitement. Whenever I go abroad for at least a few months I get super excited for it and start thinking about all the things to do and the people I will meet which makes me even more excited. Can anyone refer to this feeling? Well maybe you know the "nervous excitement" too. Days and weeks pass by until you suddenly realize ´I am leaving in like 5 days, what?´ That´s the time where I usually start to get a bit nervous. Not like a bad nervous more like I will get everything done before I leave nervous.

Right now I am getting ready to leave for the UK next week. Don´t get me wrong I am super excited for the next months and on one side I can´t wait to finally meet my new host family, but on the other side I am thinking where did the time go. Do I have enough time to meet all my friends again before I leave, pack my suitcase, work on university applications, spend time with my family... I know what you might be thinking, why don´t I plan ahead ? Trust me I do..well I try at least, but it doesn´t help. Like I don´t want to meet my friends a week before I leave and I can´t pack my suitcase days in advance, because I usually still need my clothes...result the days before a big trip are always busy which I think is kind of part of the trip already, but still if you have any tips on how to make it less busy, let me know in the comments below!!

Hope you all have a great start in the new week!
It will be an exciting one for me.