From sunny Sydney to rainy Melbourne

When you think of Australia your first thought is probably SYDNEY, one of the most beautiful cities of the world and as sometimes mistaken not the capital of the country. Thinking further Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne come to mind. Melbourne was the second city I visit in Australia. It wasn´t really on my list at first to be honest, but as often while travelling. my plan changed.
Thanks to Facebook I met a lovely girl who planned a trip down the Great Ocean Road and the city of Melbourne. Without thinking too much about it, I just booked the same trip and we then met for the first time in a hostel in central Melbourne. Unfortunately we didn´t get to share a hostelroom, but a lovely first-night-dinner at Nando´s made up for it. I think after that evening we both already knew that we would get along very well and after a few days it felt like we had been friends for years. (She is coming to visit me in my hometown next weekend, yeah)

The next morning our three day adventure along the Great Ocean Road started. Now, I am not going to talk about that too much in this post, because we want to know about Melbourne, right?...and I could easily fill two pages just for the three day roadtrip.

Maybe you should know that the weather in Melbourne was quiet bad when we were there which made us wish for warm Sydney sun. As well as Sydney Melbourne has different beaches. The difference is that they are more European like then Sydney´s dreamy surfing spots. On one sunny day we took a walk from Brighton Beach to St.Kilda  which I would highly recommend. It was one of the most relaxed days. You can sit down in a nice cafĂ© and just keep walking for hours. Just don´t forget the sunscreen, trust me!
In the CBD we spent loads of time at Max Brenner and other yummy cafes or foodcourts. Melbourne has a lot to offer foodwise. Especially Asian food is easy to find due to the high Asian population, but it is not only a foodie city, it is also a sport city. We were told about various stadiums and events.

If you like it a bit more relaxed you can enjoy a walk along the Yarra river or look at the older architecture or visit Queen Victoria Market where you can find everything. It is basically a big market to find some goos souvenirs for the loved ones.

My favorite “adventure” was definitely our day trip to the Hot Springs and Mornington Peninsula. We were a really chilled group and it was a super fun day (even though the weather wasn´t good at all) First on the list was a stop at a winery for a delicious wine tasting. Then we were treated to a yummy barbecue lunch before heading to the Hot Springs. For me it was the first time visiting Hot Springs and let me tell you, it was amazingggg. We had fantastic views and  everything was built up super nicely. They had various different pools and it was very spacious.

Even if you are only in Melborune  for a few days I would surely recommend a visit.;)

Nevertheless, if you have to pick a city for your vacay I would definitely recommend Sydney. I found that the weather there is better most of the time and to be honest I love, love,love Sydney´s beaches and I think no one should miss visiting them.
If you want to know more about my time in Sydney, let me know in the comments!!

Why friends are so important

Some stay forever, some come and go, but friends are one of the most important „things“ in our life beside family.

I remember the first week of school. I didn´t know anybody and remember walking up to this one girl asking her if she wants to be my friend. I know it sounds like wired thing to do, doesn´t it, but we are friends for almost 15 years now. Throughout my school life I became friends with some amazing people and I couldn´t imagine my life without them today. I think friends make our life richer and fill it with love. Just try for a moment to imagine life with no friends…..right it is impossible, isn´t it? No one to complain about your problems, no one to go out for dinner with, no one to talk to about the latest gossip, no one to just chill with, no one to do crazy things with….
I think friends give our life purpose in a special way. Friends are always there (not necessarily physically) and we forget to appreciate them and say Thank You. Thank you for just being you! Thank you for everything! Thank you for being part of my life! Thank you for all the memories!

Last year I went travelling with one of my best friends and I am happy that she joined me. We travelled up the East Coast in Australia and created some good travel memories. When I think about how the trip would have been without her, I am sure it would have still been a great trip, but not as much fun as with my travelbuddy. 

I really hope all my friends know how much I love and appreciate them. You are all wonderful humans who make my life so amazing.


The best stop on the way home - Dubai!!

Around this time last year my friend and I were flying back home to Europe. After some amazing months in Australia and New Zealand, we decided to stop in one more city on our way home. Dubai!! I am telling you it was the best decision we could make and I am looking forward to visit the UAE again. We had the best time in Dubai.

When we touched down in Dubai, we were honestly pretty done after our 16 hours flight from Brisbane and it took us the first night to get over the fact that no one was running around in flipflops  anymore or went in the supermarket with a bikini top and shorts on. (Not that we expected to see that happening in Dubai) The next morning after loads of sleep we started our 2,5 days Dubai adventure.
About the dress code, we noticed that people may stare at you a bit when you wear shorts and a top, but if you don´t mind, you can basically wear what you want (except if you go in a mosque etc.of course). We always started the day with a good breakfast at our hotel. Then the first day we went to the Waterpark, but we might have been to the smaller one. It was a lot of fun anyway, so I didn´t matter. Afterwards we took the bus to the famous Mall of the Emirates. Oh dear, that was definitely one of my highlights. They have everything there, really everything. It was like all my favorite stores and restaurants from around the world combined in one big shopping paradise. The best thing Dubai has two of these fun malls. We visited Dubai Mall later on the same day. The Dubai Mall is attached to the world´s highest building the Burj Khalifa and also it is surrounded by a nice outside area. To go up at the Burj Khalifa you can decide if you want to go all the way to the top or just until a certain floor . We didn´t go all the way up, just because it was quiet expensive and remember we had been shopping right before;) The view was amazing:

 The following day started with tired feet and a later breakfast. We had been shopping till almost midnight. Another great thing about Dubai, the shops are open very late. (I am guessing because during summer it is too hot to go anywhere earlier)For our last full day we had planned a desert safari which I would highly recommend, but be aware you might get a bit sick if you are not a big rollercoaster fan. Yes, the desert isn´t a rollercoaster, but going over the dunes can certainly feel a like it. After seeing the sun go done behind all the dunes we were driven to a desert camp for dinner, the last highlight of our amazing trip. The food was delicious and you could get Hannah tattoos, ride camels and enjoy the evening dance show before we headed back to the city.

Dubai is a city like no other with loads of activities that you might not find like this anywhere else.

Hope you are having a fabulous week so far!!